YWAM Land of Canaan

Youth With A Mission ‘’Land of Canaan’’ is part of the global Youth With A Mission movement of Christians dedicated to know God and to make God known.

Youth With A Mission is an international and interdenominational organization spread throughout over 180 countries with more than 18,000 missionaries committed to participate in the great commission of Jesus Christ, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19

Founded in 2015 by Malagasy missionaries Setra and Mirana Andrianala, YWAM “Land of Canaan” is a YWAM base in Madagascar focused on building up healthy Christian families & training missionaries to reach the poor, needy, and unreached people groups in Madagascar. 

“Land of Canaan” means a place where God intended every Christian to be fruitful. Like when God gave the Israelites the land of Canaan as their promised land, we have been given Madagascar to work and invest in. We work with all God’s energy to impact believers and non-believers for God’s kingdom. We aim to be fruitful and effective in ministry and to multiply the number of Malagasis who know God.

We are blessed to be a blessing!

Land of Canaan Ministries

Our ministries fall into three categories:

  • EVANGELISM: Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups in Madagascar
  • TRAINING : Host, Train, Equip, and Send missionaries to reach all spheres of our society
  • MERCY MINISTRIES: Heal broken marriages and families, teach our youth and new generations, and meet the needs of our poor

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to build up healthy missionaries and to support full time missionaries who are committed to achieve God’s calling in their life; for them to be effective and to be fruitful.

We host, we train, we equip and we send healthy missionaries to reach the spheres of society. Our main focuses are broken marriages and families, the youth and the new generation, the needy and the unreached people groups in Madagascar.


First, is to see healthy and fruitful Christians able to find their identity in Christ and find God’s purpose in their life.   Genesis 1:28a Second, is an open door for Christians to be involved in mission fields and to share the treasures of the true gospel to the poor and needy as well as to the unreached people groups in Madagascar.  Jeremiah 1: 9-10

Our Staff

We have 4 full time staff : Setra and Mirana, Celestine, and Mamitiana          

We also have 7 part time staff: Sedera and Janiques, Avotra and Tsanta, Faniry, Lilia and Tsiry.

Finally, we have 23 volunteers. 

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