The YWAM Land of Canaan Base Ministry

The YWAM Base Ministry serves two families of ministries: Missionary Outreach and Local Community Building.

Missionary Outreach

Our Missionary Outreach ministries include Unreached Ministry, Discipleship Training School, and Base Missions.

Our YWAM base allows us to host, educate, train, and equip healthy, effective, and productive missionaries. While our Unreached Ministry involves just us and our staff going into the mission field, the Base Ministry invites Christians from all around the world to join with us to reach the unreached people groups in Madagascar.

Discipleship Training School is a comprehensive missions centered school designed to host teams who want to grow in their evangelism knowledge and skills and give them the opportunity to practice these skills reaching the lost in Madagascar.

Local Community Building

We are committed to building up one another and helping each other become disciples of the living God, living out the fullness of joy and purposes of our heavenly Father.

This family of ministries include the MIKOLO NY AINA School, Couples & Family Ministry, Social Aid Ministry, and the Children and Youth Club.

Please scroll down to learn more about both families of ministries offered at YWAM Land of Canaan.

Unreached Missions

We are reaching the unreached places and people groups of Madagascar through evangelism, outreaches, church planting, community development projects, medical outreaches, and mercy ministries.

We go into the mission fields and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ending the Bible poverty through a holistic program for the kingdom of God.

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About Us

We are a full time and long term Malagasy missionary in Madagascar since 2002. We have been serving to another YWAM base for more than 10 years before working at Land of Canaan. We have 3 Children . We are the founder of YWAM ‘’LAND of CANAAN’’ Madagascar in 2015. We are passionate with the love of God and loving others. We are called to pioneer and to invest the work of God’s Kingdom. We have big heart for the Lost, for the broken marriages and families, for the Unreached and the needy, for the young generation and for the nations. We love walking in the light and obedient to God, Trusting God wherever He is taking and saying to us! 

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Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is designed for those who want a complete submersion in the Christian faith. The backbone of DTS is to help you dive deep into the heart of God and get trained to take part in the Great Commission.

You’ll learn key components of your identity as a child of God such as learning to hear God’s voice, claiming and practicing gifts of the Holy Spirit, preaching the gospel, sharing your testimony, and participating in impactful discipleship. 

You will begin your DTS with 12 weeks of focused, intensive discipleship in our missions community. You and your classmates will explore a range of topics, guided by experienced local and international missions leaders and teachers. – –

  • Training phase will be a profound time of encountering God as you are equipped and grow in areas such as listening to God’s voice, the nature & character of God, evangelism, intercession and more!
  • Every week will address areas related to following Jesus in life and character, personal relationship with God and missions. 
  • Following three months of lecture phase, your DTS will head off on a ten week cross-cultural outreach to put into practice all the things you have learned. Students have the opportunity to ‘make God known’ in the outreach phase. The Gospel comes alive as students step out in faith to preach the good news, pray for the sick, and disciple new believers. Outreach is an exhilarating time of risk and adventure, as teams serve with local believers: transforming lives and impacting society with the love of Jesus Christ.

We provide regular quality DTS staffs training and run DTS every year with students from countries all around the world. We host DTS teams and organize their outreach schedule.

If you’re interested in joining us for Discipleship Training School, please email us to get started.

Base Missions

We see that the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are very few. So, let us pray and ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.  

We can’t do this work alone. We really need people to partner with us to fulfill this vision. So, please, pray for many people to come and get involved in reaching the lost in Madagascar. 

YWAM Land of Canaan hosts missions teams who want to help spread the Gospel to unreached people groups. We help organize and lead teams into the missions fields to serve in a variety of ways.

One of the unique ways we serve Malagasy people groups is through our Medical ministry. This includes providing general consultation, dental extraction and surgery operations that are not available in their villages. This demonstrates the love of God and gives critical care to the local unreached people group. The medical ministry is one of the great tools and effective strategies for the unreached people group to draw them to God so they can become followers of Jesus Christ.

To get involved, please contact us to discuss opportunities for reaching the lost.


We oversee the MIKOLO NY AINA Pre-School, Primary School, and Secondary School, educating, inspiring, and encouraging the new generation of Malagasy leaders to reach many spheres of society.

MIKOLO NY AINA means Caring for the Soul. We understand it is not just the mind that needs tending, but the soul, spirit, and body as well.

We just received our official endorsement from the Madagascar Government for the school’s operation in December 2020 – what an answer to prayer!

As of December 2020, our school serves 83 area students with 16 teachers on staff and 3 volunteers. We teach many disabled youth as well, committed to helping them know that God has created them with unique purposes as well.

There are many ways to support Malagasy students through the school ministry.

  • Tuition is $12 US per student. You can help by giving scholarships to children who cannot afford tuition.
  • Help pay teacher salaries. Normal salary for one teacher ranges between $150 to $250 US per month. Our regular support only covers approximately half that amount, and we need help to meet this need.
  • Help purchase 50 quality sets of tables and chairs for the students to be able to concentrate well with their study well into the future. At $100 a set, we need $5,000 US.
  • Building a 6-toilet restroom (3 for boys and 3 for girls) by the school – our most urgent need! Construction will cost $1,270 US.
  • Building a cafeteria for $1,524 US for the students to be able to have cantine under cover. 86% of our students have lunch at school, and we are wanting to get the cafeteria covered before the rain comes this year.
  • An irrigation system for the school area to help with rain drainage. We foresee difficulties for everyone walking in the yard full of water when it rains, and $1,000 is our estimate.
  • Paying the debt we have from building 4 new classrooms because of the increased number of students: $3,700 US.
  • Finally, we would greatly appreciate donation for basic supplies like books, laptops, toys, music instruments, cantine materials, and more. Contact us to find out what the greatest needs are if you’re willing to donate.

The long term and huge mountain for the School is to have its own property  and buildings, since we are still renting the house both for the base and for the school. Our prayer and vision is to have it on the 5th anniversary of the School, next year by October 2021.

Social Aid Ministry

Our focus in Social Aid Ministry is to demonstrate the love of God and share the Gospel by giving opportunities to the poor and needy in the community of Madagascar the ability to explore and extend their gifts and talents.

By helping people understand and cultivate their abilities, we help them become self sustaining in their daily lives. We teach gardening, carpentry, culinary arts, plumbing, and more.

Couples & Family Ministry

Our aim is to facilitate Christian couples meeting regularly to strengthen their marriage and build true intimacy through life and experience exchanges. We also provide opportunities and training for parents to strengthen their intimate relationship with their children.

Children & Youth Club

Our goal is to gather and disciple the children and youth in our community.

This club is a regular meeting, every Saturday, learning the word of God, building faith and having fellowship together. Each club has regular outreach, camps, and outings every year!

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