Happy 5th Anniversary YWAM LoC!

5 December 2015 – 5 December 2020,

YWAM LAND OF CANAAN has reached 5 years walking the journey of PIONEER.  It is a VICTORY! It is a sense of growth and progression!! So much sacrifice has done! God has been faithful to provide, to support, to help, to protect, and to intervene in His ways! So many testimonies of ups and downs, blessings and troubles, success and failures, trials and victories, challenges and accomplishment became part of the story!! So, what can we say?? This journey is worth to celebrate to glorify God’s name …for HE IS THE ONLY REASON! This in only the beginning and we all are looking forward to the future! …As for Mirana and I, as founder of this base, we were astonished to see and to hear and to feel all the ways God led us through with His mighty hands to walk these 5 years!! All is wrapped in DEEP SIGHT of mixture feelings! Special thank you for one family and one single lady from the USA to make the celebration happened! Let us all sing together HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD!!

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