Discipleship Training School 2023 – It’s On!

– A six-month life changing process experience – An adventure with God and yourself APPLY NOW! Send us an email at ywamloc@gmail.com, and we’ll send you an application. —– Classic DTS / YWAM Land Of Canaan Madagascar 2023 #VERY_LIMITED_PLACE —– An International DTS ————————– Admission is now open, – 06 months to start a lifeContinue reading “Discipleship Training School 2023 – It’s On!”

New School Semester – Hooray!

These Children with all teachers are so Ready and Happy to face this New Year 2023 and its adventure with God’s guidance, provision and protection. THANK YOU FOR WALKING WITH US. As we trust God for this chapter, together, let’s make an even bigger impact in 2023 with renewing our commitment as volunteering, supporting andContinue reading “New School Semester – Hooray!”

Merry Christmas!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BONNE ANNÉE, TRATRY NY TAONA EE. Let’s make even bigger impact for God’s kingdom in this YEAR 2023. DEUT 11:12b “Ny mason’i Jehovah Andriamanitrao mitsinjo azy mandrakariva hatramin’ny fiandohan’ny taona ka hatramin’ny fiafarany” “The eyes of the LORD thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even untoContinue reading “Merry Christmas!!”

Mercy Ministry – The Season for Giving

#ToKnowGodandToMakeHimKnown #MercyMinistry #YWAMLandOfCanaan #ClubItahiana #English > #Malagasy We are so grateful to God that we were able to share the joy and love of these amazing children. We also want to thank each of you who always support us in different ways to make a difference. When they receive these gifts, they are so happyContinue reading “Mercy Ministry – The Season for Giving”

Staff Retreat ’22

From Nov. 25 to 27, 2022, we, the staff of YWAM LOC, are conducting our annual retreat to evaluate our ministries and our personal lives at God’s Love Ambohitrimanjaka. In this way, the Lord invites us to “come up a mountain”, which challenges us to meet Him and develop a deeper intimacy with Him; accordingContinue reading “Staff Retreat ’22”

Unreached November ’22!

#ToKnowGodandMakeHimKnown #YWAMLandOfCanaan #ReachTheUnreached GREAT COMMISSION – “Until everyone hears” There is no place too far or too dark for the Gospel! God sees the needs and desperation of the people in the unreached places for life change. Thank God for all His work through us to preach the Gospel and demonstrating His love and careContinue reading “Unreached November ’22!”

Transformational Leadership & Paradigm Shift

Last month was quitet intense, yet so fruitful by the visit of Maarten Bruynes (Equiping our staffs through one full learning week of TRansformational Leadership seminar + training Unreached leaders) and the other team from Paradigm Shift : #Jan, Yvonne Nijkamp and Mijntje Haakmeester who spent their 2 and half weeks to visit and doContinue reading “Transformational Leadership & Paradigm Shift”

Serving after the Storm

#Following GOD’ S speed. GOD IS AT WORK with the body of Christ to reach the unreached villages and people groups within 3 different regions that have been impacted by the cyclone. We and our wonderful team traveled to bring medical care, food, and basic relief needs to those hit by the cyclone. And theContinue reading “Serving after the Storm”

School Fundraiser – Please Help us Build 4 New Classrooms

We need $10,000 to build 4 new classrooms to expand our school MIKOLO NY AINA as it has greatly and quickly outgrown our space. MIKOLO NY AINA, which is Malagasy for “Caring for the Soul”, has grown 6-fold over the last 5 school years to over 120 students with 20 teachers. Our goal is toContinue reading “School Fundraiser – Please Help us Build 4 New Classrooms”


FAMILY DTS (Discipleship Training School) GRADUATION. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to the 12 STUDENTS with their 7 children. The very first promotion @ our base. Glory to God for this victory of pioneering. The Lord is faithful and just for His promise. RISING GENERATION. GO and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS…BE FRUITFUL and INCREASE INContinue reading “Family DTS – GRADUATION!!”