Family DTS on the East Coast – Outreach & Training Continues

From the South to the East…The Family DTS team are back to Tan√†. Preparing the 3rd and part of the outreach, heading to the East Cost of Madagascar, VATOMANDRY region for another 2 weeks. We always appreciate your prayers and support to finish well this training program. #Discipleship #Evangelism #Outreach #Family #Team

Family DTS Outreach Phase

Bringing the Family DTS outreach phase, first in Antsirabe (Mirana’s native town) for 2 weeks, then in Fort Dauphin (South of Madagascar) for 40 days, then in Vatomandry (East Cost) for another 2 weeks, and ending with debriefing and graduation for the last 2 weeks. Thank God for His provision and His faithfulness to workContinue reading “Family DTS Outreach Phase”

Ministries During and After Lockdown

The SOCIAL AID MINISTRY¬†was the most focus and running during lockdown. We could not stay anymore with helping the 20 families around our community…many more needy knocked on the gate to find help and rescue for them to get survived. Every week, we could do our best according to our ability by giving rice, veggies,Continue reading “Ministries During and After Lockdown”