Mercy Ministry – The Season for Giving

#ToKnowGodandToMakeHimKnown #MercyMinistry #YWAMLandOfCanaan #ClubItahiana #English > #Malagasy We are so grateful to God that we were able to share the joy and love of these amazing children. We also want to thank each of you who always support us in different ways to make a difference. When they receive these gifts, they are so happyContinue reading “Mercy Ministry – The Season for Giving”


FAMILY DTS (Discipleship Training School) GRADUATION. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to the 12 STUDENTS with their 7 children. The very first promotion @ our base. Glory to God for this victory of pioneering. The Lord is faithful and just for His promise. RISING GENERATION. GO and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS…BE FRUITFUL and INCREASE INContinue reading “Family DTS – GRADUATION!!”

Family Discipleship Training School is On!

Hello Friends and Family, as we have informed you in our last update, this week is one of the most exciting, yet, challenging and stressful time in our life…and we are so thankful to God who is in control of every situation, in every place and at every moment of our life! God keeps HisContinue reading “Family Discipleship Training School is On!”

Ministries During and After Lockdown

The SOCIAL AID MINISTRY¬†was the most focus and running during lockdown. We could not stay anymore with helping the 20 families around our community…many more needy knocked on the gate to find help and rescue for them to get survived. Every week, we could do our best according to our ability by giving rice, veggies,Continue reading “Ministries During and After Lockdown”