Serving after the Storm

#Following GOD’ S speed. GOD IS AT WORK with the body of Christ to reach the unreached villages and people groups within 3 different regions that have been impacted by the cyclone. We and our wonderful team traveled to bring medical care, food, and basic relief needs to those hit by the cyclone. And theContinue reading “Serving after the Storm”

Family DTS Last Chapter- Reaching the Unreached!!

Here is the last chapter of the Family DTS outreach before Evaluation & Graduation. The team are doing lots of practical work, building house, planting rice, … and also teaching at school. This week end, they will reach 2 Unreached villages, 3 hours for a walk , one way. Let’s pray for God’s protection, provision,Continue reading “Family DTS Last Chapter- Reaching the Unreached!!”

Family DTS in Fort Dauphin – An Incredible Week!

Week 18 – Our last week for Ministry in Fort Dauphin. Thanks be to God for making this last ministry week in Fort Dauphin happen – it was the last 10 days for our Family DTS to serve, and it culminated in a Pastoral visit. Below is an overview of what happened along this week:Continue reading “Family DTS in Fort Dauphin – An Incredible Week!”

Unreached Peoples Reached!

Five days in the bush, 3 new villages reached within 3 different regions. Many people heard the good news, 20 Bibles has been distributed, 326 for general consultation and 126 people for dental extraction. Thank God for His protection, provision, unity and all his work in us and through us. God is not yet doneContinue reading “Unreached Peoples Reached!”

Thousands Hear the Good News

After Lock down period and Since the door has opened for mission to the unreachable places and people groups ministry, we have done 3 evangelism and medical mission trips which were held once a month! Thousands of people have heard the gospel of Jesus, Tens of new churches were planted, Hundreds of people have receivedContinue reading “Thousands Hear the Good News”