FAMILY DTS (Discipleship Training School) GRADUATION. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to the 12 STUDENTS with their 7 children. The very first promotion @ our base. Glory to God for this victory of pioneering. The Lord is faithful and just for His promise. RISING GENERATION. GO and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS…BE FRUITFUL and INCREASE INContinue reading “Family DTS – GRADUATION!!”

Family DTS Last Chapter- Reaching the Unreached!!

Here is the last chapter of the Family DTS outreach before Evaluation & Graduation. The team are doing lots of practical work, building house, planting rice, … and also teaching at school. This week end, they will reach 2 Unreached villages, 3 hours for a walk , one way. Let’s pray for God’s protection, provision,Continue reading “Family DTS Last Chapter- Reaching the Unreached!!”

Family DTS on the East Coast – Outreach & Training Continues

From the South to the East…The Family DTS team are back to TanĂ . Preparing the 3rd and part of the outreach, heading to the East Cost of Madagascar, VATOMANDRY region for another 2 weeks. We always appreciate your prayers and support to finish well this training program. #Discipleship #Evangelism #Outreach #Family #Team

Family DTS in Fort Dauphin – An Incredible Week!

Week 18 – Our last week for Ministry in Fort Dauphin. Thanks be to God for making this last ministry week in Fort Dauphin happen – it was the last 10 days for our Family DTS to serve, and it culminated in a Pastoral visit. Below is an overview of what happened along this week:Continue reading “Family DTS in Fort Dauphin – An Incredible Week!”

Family DTS Outreach Phase

Bringing the Family DTS outreach phase, first in Antsirabe (Mirana’s native town) for 2 weeks, then in Fort Dauphin (South of Madagascar) for 40 days, then in Vatomandry (East Cost) for another 2 weeks, and ending with debriefing and graduation for the last 2 weeks. Thank God for His provision and His faithfulness to workContinue reading “Family DTS Outreach Phase”

Family Discipleship Training School is On!

Hello Friends and Family, as we have informed you in our last update, this week is one of the most exciting, yet, challenging and stressful time in our life…and we are so thankful to God who is in control of every situation, in every place and at every moment of our life! God keeps HisContinue reading “Family Discipleship Training School is On!”