22 November Family DTS Graduation! Wahoo!

FAMILY DTS (Discipleship Training School) GRADUATION🎓🎓. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to the 12 STUDENTS with their 7 children. The very first promotion @ our base. Glory to God for this victory of pioneering. The Lord is faithful and just for His promise. RISING GENERATION. GO and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS…BE FRUITFUL and INCREASE IN NUMBER. #ThankYouGod#ThankYouStudents#ThankYouSpeakers#thankYouMentorsandConseilors#ThankYouReferences. #ThankYouPartners#ThankYouIntercessor#ThankYouFriends#ThankYouFamilies#ThankYouPeople. HALLELUJAH. #Please, Feel Free to PM us your e-mail address, for report and receiving YWAM Land Of Canaan’ News.

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