School Fundraiser – Please Help us Build 4 New Classrooms

The beginnings of one of our classrooms from 2020

We need $10,000 to build 4 new classrooms to expand our school MIKOLO NY AINA as it has greatly and quickly outgrown our space. MIKOLO NY AINA, which is Malagasy for “Caring for the Soul”, has grown 6-fold over the last 5 school years to over 120 students with 20 teachers.

Our goal is to have all $10,000 raised by Christmas to get our students in suitable classrooms to learn critical academics, character, and life skills. New classrooms will also create room for future expansion.

Please click on the GoFundMe video here to donate or click on the video below to Setra Andrianala share the vision God’s given us for the school’s future.

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