Serving after the Storm

A house damaged by the cyclone in Feb 2022

#Following GOD’ S speed. GOD IS AT WORK with the body of Christ to reach the unreached villages and people groups within 3 different regions that have been impacted by the cyclone. We and our wonderful team traveled to bring medical care, food, and basic relief needs to those hit by the cyclone. And the best part about it was sharing God’s GOOD NEWS of Christ resurrected and the forgiveness of sins to so many. Here’s how God led us:

4 villages were reached

More than 200 leaders have been trained,

315 local people have received health care and consultation,

347 local people got dental extraction,

800 families received basic relief needs after the cyclone.

Thousands of people have heard the gospel.

Thank God for all His intervention and for the people that prayed and partner with us FOR HIS KINGDOM! Thank you FAITHFUL TEAM!

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