Transformational Leadership & Paradigm Shift

Last month was quitet intense, yet so fruitful by the visit of Maarten Bruynes (Equiping our staffs through one full learning week of TRansformational Leadership seminar + training Unreached leaders) and the other team from Paradigm Shift : #Jan, Yvonne Nijkamp and Mijntje Haakmeester who spent their 2 and half weeks to visit and do outreach (Days for Girls to 3 different regions), building cafeteria shade for children at school Mikolo NY Aina School to have their daily lunch, Equiping bibles for teachers, donating one sewing machine for girls, fixing tables at school, Parents school… and mostly praying and encouraging our staffs and teachers! Thank you for Passing By!

#Door is open wide for teams or individual who are willing to serve at our base or our Ministries with different opportunities and short term outreaches, or either joining as volunteers or Staff member. Please, visit our website:

#Together, we build God’s kingdom in Madagascar!

#Together, we reach the Unreached and the lost for God!

#Together, we bring transformation to where God is calling us for.

#Together, we demonstrate God ‘s Love to the needy.

#Together, we invest and raise up the generation ‘ life!

#Together, we preach the Gospel of Jesus.

#Together, we champion the young leaders.


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