Unreached November ’22!




GREAT COMMISSION – “Until everyone hears”

There is no place too far or too dark for the Gospel!

God sees the needs and desperation of the people in the unreached places for life change. Thank God for all His work through us to preach the Gospel and demonstrating His love and care to the Betsimisaraka and Tanala tribes in the region of Marolambo, 223 Km from Antananarivo and Ikongo – 508 Km, this week.

Those people are isolated in the most remote places, in the middle of nowhere, where there is no access, no road, no means of transportation, no school, no church, no doctors… Yet, they have the right to hear the gospel, to have Bible available in their language, to be educated, to meet their basic necessities of life…

This time, hundreds of people have heard the good news, hundreds local leaders being encouraged and commissioned, 149 people had dental extraction, 227 received general consultation, many children being ministered and taught the word of God.

Thank you God for touching their lives, for healing, for freedom, for bringing hope and light and your kingdom in those places.

Thanks to all of you teams and all prayers partners.


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