Family DTS Outreach Phase

Hitting the road on 27 August for the beginning of the Family DTS Outreach Phase

Bringing the Family DTS outreach phase, first in Antsirabe (Mirana’s native town) for 2 weeks, then in Fort Dauphin (South of Madagascar) for 40 days, then in Vatomandry (East Cost) for another 2 weeks, and ending with debriefing and graduation for the last 2 weeks. Thank God for His provision and His faithfulness to work in every student and family life during lecture phase. Now, it is time to share what He has done to us all and we are not ashamed to share the gospel… Thank you for standing with us in prayer and support as we walk step by step growing in faith and trusting God to provide this outreach phase. I am sharing the video that our class has made for those are interesting to be part of this journey to build God’s kingdom in Madagascar.

Our DTS Families – ready for the adventure to spread the Gospel to Madagascar!

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