School Begins with Grand 5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary Class of MIKOLO NY AINA School Begins with What Else…? Cake!!

Last week, 5th October, we celebrated the 5 years anniversary of the school by giving morning praise and worship to thank God for His faithfulness to keep the school progressing and protected.

September was the beginning of the new school year 2021-2022. It was great time to start. Children are very excited and looking forward to meet their friends, make new friends, meet their teachers, discover what is in the class,… Etc . Parents are so proud and committed to educate their children , teachers work very hard to welcome everyone back to school… Unfortunately, the new classrooms building have not been finished to host the students, so we have to arrange the class to combine them until the new classrooms will be available.

In total, there are 128 students, 20 teachers, 2 full time hired staffs for the cantine. This week, we are making every effort to bring living atmosphere in each class through out the curriculum program and activities for the students for them to get used with the new routine at the school. We also trust God every day, every day to provide the materials needed for the new classrooms construction, for the  bunches, for the water tank and for the teachers’ salary at the end of this month… up to now, we are not able to continue the work for the new classrooms because of the lack of materials provision. We have used all of the school fees and registration fees to invest in the new classrooms but the cost of all construction materials are very expressive…

The 25th of September was the very first parents school. The objective was to impart the vision, mission, values and to explain the system of education, following with orientation and Information … Up to now, Mirana has to be involved in teaching English and spend 11 hours per week for the grade 6, 7 and 8…. until we will find new english teacher to replace her.

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