Family DTS in Fort Dauphin – An Incredible Week!

Week 18 – Our last week for Ministry in Fort Dauphin. Thanks be to God for making this last ministry week in Fort Dauphin happen – it was the last 10 days for our Family DTS to serve, and it culminated in a Pastoral visit. Below is an overview of what happened along this week:

🔥We started with a teaching ministry with the Mission house, during their Life Skills progamme.

🔥The team did an open air gospel sharing in Antanambao near the market.

🔥We continued the systematic weekly meeting with the people in Ambinanibe.

🔥We have visited two other places located in the suburb of Fort Dauphin. One in Betaliny where we have pionneered as it was the very first time for that place to be reached by the gospel. And the other place in Amboatavoravina, a place that needed a catch up of the work the Fahazavana and King’s kids team started before lockdown. We did home visit and open air gospel sharing in those places. Many people responded to the gospel , from kids to elder. There has been many prayer request about freedom. Still many people there practice witchcraft and many of them complained about evil spirit visit at night.

🔥The last ministry in Fort Dauphin was the gospel sharing at the FPVM church. We felt God’s heart and God’ s work all along this week during any ministry that we have accomplished. We give back to Him all honor and glory🙏

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