Family Discipleship Training School is On!

Hello Friends and Family, as we have informed you in our last update, this week is one of the most exciting, yet, challenging and stressful time in our life…and we are so thankful to God who is in control of every situation, in every place and at every moment of our life! God keeps His promises over us and He knows when the time is wripe that our trust and dependence in Him has been  stepping beyond the borders. We really feel that our  experience, knowledge and the capacity to do God’s will in our life is too far limited comparing to His great plan. God is the only one that able to control everything in His hands. Here are some short updates on How God kept us learning to lean on Him.

As you know that the DTS FAMILY has started last Monday, we have have 4 families, 1 single mother, and 3 single girls. This week, they are learning about the RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and HEARING GOD’S VOICE. Everyone sounds excited to know God and to make Him known! Until the last second, God has shown His faithfulness to us that He provides the needs to host this Training. Even, there are lots of obstacles and hindrances ahead, we have seen God is moving and working in the invisible to fulfill His plan for the Family DTS. 

Last, since the Government has announced that the total lockdown has finished, here in Madagascar and every school and church… can start to open….then we had to find a solution for the school’ classrooms since the classrooms has been used for the Family DTS, and have to rent marquees to be used for one month until the school holiday… this is another opportunity for us to trust God for the school property and also for the next school Year extension classrooms during this upcoming holiday for the the grade 2, 4 and 8. Please, pray for wisdom and God’s provision facing those changes.

We are thankful to God who works any time and through His people to help us… since we have face many different trials during this season, We have learned to trust God fully and choose to fear Him through our act of  obedience to do His will. We recognize that every type of difficulties that we have passed through and will pass is an opportunity to learn, to grow our faith and character and to walk in maturity life.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Setra and Mirana.

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