Staff Retreat a Success

The more progression and growth, the more responsibilities and challenges are awaiting….So, we had our regular STAFFS RETREAT EVALUATION , last week…represented by the full time ministry leaders during 5 days. God has worked in every individuals life and opened our heart and eyes to see all His ways that He has led us during this year. We could have time to give our best gift ever to God according to His guidance in Proverbs 23:26 ” My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways.”

This time was very important and meaningful to all of us as individuals, as family, as team and as ministry, together serving God in the same place, same calling, same leadership and same values. As for us and for every ministry, God has revealed Himself as the one who is in Control of every circumstances. He is able to show what is in His heart to His children and gives new direction in the future, ….every one has their own testimony to share God’s goodness, faithfulness, fullness, grace and mercy during this year! As team and Ministry, we could see the stability of leadership, fulfilling the vision, healthy community life,…..BUT need to work out in the areas of ORGANISATIONAL SYSTEMS, which we also need help from the Holy Spirit and from other experimental people to follow this path! We are seeking to work professionally and with excellence for God in the future!!! Special thank you to the family who supported us to make this retreat effective. It was relaxing, inspiring, challenging, exciting, bonding, refreshing our body, soul and spirit. 

Staff Prayer Meeting

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