The Up-Sides of Lockdown


  •  The end of MAY, we were given a car 4×4 -Mutsibishi Pajero -V44; hand overed by the Swiss family who joined us for 6 months of volunteer at our base but donated by the Paradigm Shift team in the Netherlands! This team made fundraising for this car for us before the Easter season…But because of Covid-19, they could not reach the Goal! They made the arrangement to the Swiss family to make all payment until the end of this year…and they are still working hard to do the fundraising which already reached half way….while we are using the car with joy and thankful heart 🙂 ❤️! Our part is to pay the mutation fees and for the maintenance, so that it can work well to serve our family and our ministry. Please, let us know if anyone is willing to help and contribute, either in the area of fundraising (so that we can connect you with the Dutch team) or in the area of Maintenance and mutation fees! PRAISE GOD, this car is on time, even in the middle of this strange season!! We are very blessed and become blessings to many people, as well as for God’s service!!
  • Two months ago, we were able to sleep on new bed and new mattress after laying down for more than one year on the floor. The gift was still from the Paradigm Shift team! Thank God for His provision!
  • 10th of March was our 13th years of wedding anniversary, and we’ve had several birthday celebrations in our family that were so fun. THANK GOD FOR LIFE and FOR BIRTHDAY MEMORIES!!
  • Setra and Mirana’s Health facing the hypertension problem is stable as they are taking pills every day for their life. Control has to be made every 3 months! God remains faithful for the treatment provision until now! We praise God for health stability!
  • Setra’s commitment as part of the eldership of YWAM Madagascar has been ended Last September, after serving 4 years in this responsibility. He became a former elder and another 3 new elders has taken the position since then. I thank God for being able to serve in this area and part of the story of re-building YWAM MAdagascar. 

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