Ministries During and After Lockdown

The SOCIAL AID MINISTRY was the most focus and running during lockdown. We could not stay anymore with helping the 20 families around our community…many more needy knocked on the gate to find help and rescue for them to get survived. Every week, we could do our best according to our ability by giving rice, veggies, beans, oil, …and the basic daily needs to them and share God’s love and care through praying and short message to them. The Holy Spirit has led us and our team to continue to do house visiting after lockdown! The result is that many of them become believer and turn away from their bad habits. One of them is Grandma SAHONDRA (the one who is given a blanket), who used to drink a lot of alcohol because everyone reject her and she hardly find herself the reason to live…Since she receive Jesus in her life, she was free from bad habits and become a new believer!! Praise God for His work and for the soul being saved!

The UNEACHED MINISTRY has been stopped for a while during lockdown. No one was not allowed to travel!! From this month, we have made our first mission trip in the South East of Madagascar, reached 4 new villages! Glory to Jesus for His work, despite the bad weather Jesus works beyond imagination, 27 persons were baptised with a grand mother of 88 years old, 187 consultations, and the Gospel was preached in 4 villages, follow up and training for 100 of leaders from 46 villages. Our next Mission with medical and dental trip is heading on the 16th to 19th of November. Please, stand with us to share the good news of Jesus and to provide care for those people in need! Also, please, pray for new guidance and strategy from God to improve the work Church planting and community development project!

The COUPLE MINISTRY has just started its regular program meeting every Saturday from this month. During the first meeting, most of couple shared their testimony of the importance of joining the atmosphere that is helping them a lot to share their feelings and face their struggles. They really missed this environment during lockdown…and you can imagine how the first meeting explode….BOOOOM!!! It was the best meeting ever to see all mixture of emotion popping up!!

the Last but not the Least is the BASE MINISTRY, which is the backbone of all running activities. During lockdown,  All staffs spend the most time to join the online training but also followed the workshop running at our base to get equipped and ready to face the new journey with God and together as team after lockdown. Some Staffs have left the base as they have finished their commitment, such as Santini and Iavotra’s family , Marcel and Dorothee’ family, last Saturday. We thank God for them to be able to serve at the base with the existing ministries, and we could process with the healthy honorarium for them….But also, God has provided new staffs member from this month and we are going to welcome Avotra and Tsanta’s family and Faniry with her son to become part time member at the base! GOD gives and take away!! We respond and live the value of Release and receive!

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