New Partner to Reach Lost Children in Madagascar!

The latest and warm news for the unreached ministry and for the school is that we decided to partner with a local association called ”Kelimahefa”. This is a Christian organization and has a vision to reach and disciple the children first for Jesus and second to become missionary. Since we know that 75% of the people in the unreached place and people group are children, and ”Kelimahefa” has the ability to provide training for trainers for children and supply the tools to reach those children in the bush and at our school,….So we have  made the agreement to become partner together for building the kingdom of God among the Malagasy Children. Now is the time of Unity and partnership. Thank God for the open door!! 

You can visit Kelimahefa’s Facebook page here, and see their partnership with OneHope Southern Africa by searching for Kelimahefa on their site here.

You can also read a post from Joyce Meyer’s ministry Hands of Hope about how they partnered with Kelimahefa in Madagascar to reach lost Malagasi children.

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