Prayer Requests for April and Beyond

  • Please, pray for Our next Unreached mission trip , this coming week. For Unity, God’s protection over our trip, our family and over our team. Also, that the Holy Spirit may work and visit people’s heart.
  • Our youth club that Celestine is leading will go for Easter outreach for 2 weeks. Please, pray for God’s provision and God’s work in those young people’s life an through them. They are about 40 Young people joining this up-coming outreach.
  • Please, stand with us during the preparation of the Family DTS. This is one of the biggest challenge that we are facing at this time. We really need wisdom, unity as team, God’s guidance and intervention during the preparation time. So far, 5 families and 3 single girls have received application form and we have 3 full time staffs and 2 part time staffs. We need more volunteers and more staff, the basic materials and furniture needed are very challenging , so the ability to rent a house that can host this training during 5 months. Our DTS staff training will help on the 18th f April to 21st of May. Most of students are the volunteers and staffs of our existing ministry and they are willing to do this school for them to continue their commitment in serving the vision and going more further in serving  God in YWAM.
  • Last is to pray for our family, good health, protection and provision in every needs and obligation to be met. Thank God for all His faithfulness to provide for us every day through His people. Please, pray for Mirana, as she really need serious care to carry the baby girl of 6 months at this time. And, also for our plan to find and to move to another house as God is leading us to take a step of faith to invest in our own house,….so we are looking for cheaper house to rent as soon as possible. 

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