Mercy Ministry – The Season for Giving





#English > #Malagasy

We are so grateful to God that we were able to share the joy and love of these amazing children. We also want to thank each of you who always support us in different ways to make a difference. When they receive these gifts, they are so happy and it is always heartwarming to see a hopeful generation living to the fullest. A big thank you to Razanadrafara Celestine and her team who made this ministry possible. We wish all the children a Merry Christmas.

Jesus Christ who became flesh is our hope.

Thank you God for being able to bring joy and hope to these children again. Thank you for always supporting and walking with us showing a difference and sharing some visible love. The children who received these different gifts were delighted and it always makes our hearts happy to see the new generation living fully. Special thanks to Razanadrafara Celestine and the team behind it for making this happen. Merry Christmas to all the kids Jesus who became flesh is our hope.

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